Silver Satin Quad-Point Pen

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Our Quad Point Pens have four different writing tips in one pen. There are three inks - black, red, and blue, and one .5mm pencil and all four are refillable. Each pen comes with an eraser in the cap. This pen's barrel is Silver Satin. MADE IN JAPAN.

The Yasutomo Quad-Point Pen series is an impressive collection of innovative writing instruments. Each elegantly styled pen provides the user access to multiple colors from a single pen. The practical applications are not the only reason the Yasutomo Quadi-Point series commands attention. The pens are skillfully designed to be understated yet unique. Our Quad-Point pen holds black, blue, red and a 0.5mm pencil. Use red for prioritizing, black for signing, blue for notations and the pencil for computations. OR INVENT YOUR OWN SYSTEM! With just a simple click you have a variety of colors at your disposal.