NB38-000 Brush

Product #NB38-000

This item is discontinued. We will attempt to find one.

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The high-quality multi-media Short-handled Round Silverado Brush is used for acrylics, fabric paints, and water color. It is designed for greater resiliency and consistent points. It is easy to clean and economical. It is 1/32" x 5/32".

Brushes must be cared for correctly in order to last. A good-quality brush can last a lifetime if properly cleaned and stored after use. Watercolor brushes need only be rinsed thoroughly in clean water. It is important that they are clean to the base where the hair enters the ferrule. This prevents paint buildup which can ruin the brush. Reshape and allow to dry. Brushes used with oil or acrylic paint should be cleaned first with the appropriate solvent (turpentine, paint thinner, or water), then washed in soapy water and rinsed. Repeat until the brush is free of all traces of color, then reshape and allow to dry. Removing dried paint with paint remover or lacquer thinner is not recommended. It can damage the cement that binds the hair in the ferrule.